Let the Good Behaviour Squad bring a little excitement and magic to being well behaved!

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Good Behaviour Squad. Our aim is to reward well behaved children with wishes or prizes. We have created a magical village of fairies and elves that keep a close watch on the behaviour of boys and girls around the world. The concept of rewarding good behaviour is a proven technique, with children thriving from praise and encouragement for things that they have done well. Our Good Behaviour Squad just adds a little magic and mystery and parents can have fun with it too. There's nothing better than seeing your little one's face light up with they get lots of positive attention for being so well behaved.

wish-pack challenge-pack north-pole-pack


The Wish Fairies and Elves of the Good Behaviour Squad

Willow and Thorn are the Wish Fairies and they are in charge of the Good Behaviour Squad. Their main elves are Jett, Astrid, Flame and Spike. There are thousands of other members of the Squad but these 4 make sure everything runs to plan. We also have Dexter – the elf in charge of the Good Behaviour Challenges. Everyone lives in magical villages amongst the flowers and trees, but you will never see them! They have scouts who keep an eye out for people passing by (they use their fantastic periscopes). If they detect intruders, they put their Invisibility Shield up and, like magic, the village disappears from view. Who knows, the Squad may live in a forest near you! All members of the Squad have special powers including super speed, super sight, super hearing and invisibility. What an amazing bunch!

We have 2 different packs to encourage good behaviour: Our Wish Pack and our Challenge Pack. The Wish Pack features Willow and Thorn who grant wishes in return for collecting Wish Tokens. The Challenge Pack is perfect if you need to concentrate on certain issues such as eating / staying in bed at night / listening to parents etc. This features Dexter the Elf who sets challenges and awards prizes depending on how many points they win each week. Browse through our site to read the full story behind this wonderful concept and learn what is included in our magical packs.


The North Pole Behaviour Department

Our Christmas pack has been hugely popular since its launch in 2012. This features the elves that live in the North Pole. They keep an eye on the kids during the month of December and award them with their Nice List Certificate on Christmas Eve. Batches of these packs sell out very quickly and will be on sale after Easter this year.